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Memory Card / TF Card

4G 8g 16g 32g 64G Memory Card Micro SD Card Class10

We are honest Company.
We only produce good quality product, No complaints,No repairs,If you want to find a good manufacturer and do long-
term cooperation,Please send us an inquiry as soon as possible.
(1) 100% brand new.
(2) 100% real capacity.
(3) 100% 5 year warranty.
(4) 100% QC testing passed before shipping.

Support speed: Class4 Class6 Class10 3.0 U1 U2 U3

Compatible with other products:
Video digital cameras, smart phones, aerial drone, network cameras, advertising machine, LED controller, monitoring equipment
Audio card speakers, radios, the elderly machine, music player, learning machine, reading machine, chanting machine, singing machine, recording phone
Healthcare class eye massager, massager, treadmill, music toilet
Navigation \ recorder car navigation system, GPS, tachograph, other recorder
Other applications charging piles, robots, toys, cash registers, 3D printers, tablets


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