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Shenzhen Topfine Technology Co., Limited. is a well-known high-tech company specialized in USB Flash Drive,SD Card,Micro SD Card and SSD mobile hard disk production and sales of storage digital products. Since it’s inception, the company has focused on Flash storage products and has been professional and practical attitude for more than 10 years, providing customers with more flexible and timely services. And introducing more Flash storage products with superior quality. In the industry, the company constantly explores innovation, intensive cultivation, and gathers a large number of professional talents in R&D, production, and technical services. With 3 SMT production lines, 5 memory cards, and USB disk assembly line, we have implemented a strict process management system during product manufacturing, testing, assembly, and packaging. We always maintain a high level of production capacity and excellent product quality. The company is mainly divided into four major categories of storage products: I: Micro SD card (TF card) II:SD card III:USB Flash Drive(PENDRIVE) IIII:SSD mobile hard disk We are committed to providing our customers with a full range of quality produ...



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